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Services Provided

Dentistry Provided

  • Preventive Care

  • Periodontal Care

  • Endodonties (Root Canal)

  • Crown & Bridges

  • Implant Treatment

  • Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening 

  • Complete Cosmetic Make-Over

  • Straighten Teeth-Conventional & Braces Free (trays)

  • Cosmetic Fillings (tooth colored)

  • Nitrous Oxide available on request

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Sleep Apnea & SnooringAppliances available (Silent Night)

  • Qualified-Excellent Hygienists


Available For Purchase

  • Crest's Professional White Strips

  • Pola Paint Gel

  • Pola Day Gel

  • Sonicare Toothbrushes

Treatment and Fees

A complete treatment plan will be proposed, along with alternatives, for each patient, explaning the necessary treatment, length and progression of treatment, treatment goals, expected long term results and payment when requested.

Dr. Miller and staff have placed customer service as top priority. This dental team is available not only to treat your needs, but also to guide you in making the proper decisions concerning your treatment. Always feel free to ask Dr. Miller and staff any questions regarding any part of your treatment. Your questions and comments will help us to obtain the maximum dental health for you.


We will eagerly help to maximize your insurance coverage. Please feel free to call with any questions regarding your insurance coverage if you are looking for a new dental physician, or if your an existing patient changing insurance companies.  Please keep in mind that insurance companies are constantly changing their policies and coverages and it is your responsibility to know your plan.


  • Currently we accept most major dental plans and all PPO plans

  • Please always bring up to date dental insurance cards with to any appointment

  • Pre-authorizations can be sent for any dental treatment to check coverage before a procedure


Preventative dental care is the least costly form of dental treatment. Periodic professional cleanings and good home and oral hygiene habits will help you reduce dental costs.
A simple reminder about good oral hygiene:

  • Use a small soft tooth brush.

  • Floss regularly.

  • Avoid sticky foods that contain sugar.

  • Get regular dental check-ups.

And always ask your dentist or hygienist any questions you may have concerning your treatment or how to best take care of your teeth.

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